Author cutting off while clutch is pulled under braking  (Read 852 times)

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    Re: cutting off while clutch is pulled under braking
    Reply #10 on: Apr 28, 2023, 08.53 pm
    Apr 28, 2023, 08.53 pm
    Today, the dealership provided me with a courtesy bike while the Tiger was having its 600 mile service.

    I was given a choice of either a GSX or a TS660. I chose the old TS660 due to familiarity and to compare it with my new TS660.

    Riding on the courtesy bike and over a distance of about 15 miles the engine cut out, as described above, four times. Each time it occurred when declutching and slowing down, changing from either 3rd or 2nd gear. My speed was about 20 mph in every case. The bike was registered in 2022 and had about 3500 miles on the clock. I restarted the engine each time with the electric starter and with the bike still rolling.

    The first time was pretty disconcerting but then I got used to it  :034:

    I returned the bike to the dealership and described the fault to the technician responsible for its maintenance. He took it for a road test but had not returned by the time I left the site. I hope he got back and will respond to my request for the diagnosis. Although, I suspect the fault wouldn't have repeated on his road test. It seems to be an intermittent fault. No one at the dealership claimed to have encountered the fault before.

    I will post the response from the dealership and the diagnosis if it's forthcoming.  :084:

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    Re: cutting off while clutch is pulled under braking
    Reply #11 on: May 24, 2023, 10.38 pm
    May 24, 2023, 10.38 pm
    I still haven't taken my bike in as it is intermittent so I'm just waiting for it to get worse first, since warranty has another on it.

    But I notice that this only happens for me when the tank is close to empty.