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*Originally Posted by MikeSz660T [+]
does it work withe the panniers and the tail tidy?


[/quote] does it work withe the panniers and the tail tidy?
Ive always had naked bikes or small screens - totally peed off by wind noise on 660 and bought a (£100) taller screen - my head has to be higher ie Standing up on pegs, to get a quieter ride - ive been thinking of cutting it down with a dremel saw blade -  or maybe a jigsaw - any more tips on cutting down screens?
Tiger Sport 660 Main Chat / Re: Engine oil
« Last post by Piler on Yesterday at 01:10 pm »
When I got my 660 it used around 200 ml oil in the first 600 miles (i topped it up 3 times) I checked with the dealer thsy said up to 1L per 1000 miles is acceptable! I thought this seemed a lot. Over the next 1500 miles oil usage has been very low. I have not added any oil for last 3 or 400 miles.
New Member Introductions / Re: Hello from Charlotte, NC
« Last post by MattR on Yesterday at 08:43 am »
Welcome to the forum  :400:

New Member Introductions / Hello from Charlotte, NC
« Last post by mjo2121 on Sep 23, 2022, 06.11 pm »
I have had my 660 for about a month.  Really enjoying it so far.  Always looking for good local rides in the NC/SC backcountry.  All stock right now but looking to change that!
Tiger Sport 660 Main Chat / Re: will there be a big sister?
« Last post by DRW916 on Sep 23, 2022, 02.40 am »
My money is ready for the 765 version.
There is no way anyone at Triumph who has any knowledge or authority at all would ever say a sprocket change would void the warranty. Whoever suggested that has made it up.
*Originally Posted by fred_jb [+]
I can't see any justification for Triumph saying that this will void the engine warranty. The engine and gearbox is designed to work across a wide range of road speed and engine rev combinations, and the flat torque curve facilitates this. All this may do is slightly shift the typical gear change points, and I'm sure that has much less effect than the variation between riders in which gear they would select for similar riding situations. In other words that seems like nonsense!

If anything this mod gives the engine an easier time in high gears and at high speed, without any noticeable adverse affect on top gear roll on acceleration, while at the bottom end the change is not enough to cause the engine to struggle in the lower gears. On a recent trip I still found it fine to go around small traffic islands in second gear without lugging the engine, and always had the option to change down to 1st if required, and there is absolutely no situation where 1st gear is now to highly geared, as it was far too low originally.

I agree, for triumph to void the warranty it would have to be proven that the sole contributor to engine failure was a sprocket.
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